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Diddy's Son, Christian Combs, Will Reportedly Face a Sexual Assault & Drugging Lawsuit

Sean Combs and Christian Combs. @kingcombs (Instagram)

According to VibeChristian Combs is reportedly being named in a looming lawsuit accusing the rap star of sexually assaulting and drugging a woman. The lawsuit against Combs, the son of embattled rap mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs, has yet to be officially filed but is currently in the works, according to attorney Tyrone Blackburn, who is reportedly representing the alleged victim. The identity of Combs' alleged victim has yet to be revealed, and details surrounding the reported lawsuit are sparse.

Christian has not directly responded to the allegations. However, he made a post on Instagram stating, "stop the [blue cap emoji]." Considering that "cap" is slang for telling a lie, many people assumed his post was about the pending lawsuit. 

According to multiple media outlets, Blackburn, the attorney handling the suit, is also the attorney for music producer Rodney "Lil Rod" Jones, who recently brought a suit against Christian's father, Sean' Diddy' Combs. Lil Rod reportedly implicated Christian, Diddy's son Justin Combs, Daphne Joy, entertainer Young Miami, and others in his lawsuit, where he alleged sexual assault and being a witness to illegal activities such as prostitution, drug use, and distribution. 

The information surrounding the reported pending lawsuit against Christian falls nearly two weeks after Diddy's properties in Miami and Los Angeles were raided by Homeland Security. Christian and Justin were at the Los Angeles property during the raid. 

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