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OnlyFans Model Courtney Tailor Is on Film Attacking Her Boyfriend Before She Killed Him

ONLYFANS model Courtney Tailor aka Courtney Clenney, has officially been charged with second-degree murder for killing her boyfriend, Christian Obumseli, in April. His death was initially ruled self-defense, but law enforcement recently charged Tailor with second-degree murder after arresting her in Hawaii.

The medical examiner found that Obumseli's injuries conflicted with Tailor's statement regarding how the death happened. The OnlyFans model told police that she threw a knife, hitting him in the chest after they had a physical altercation. Yet the medical examiner ruled this was impossible and concluded he died from a direct stab to the chest.

Video footage has also surfaced of Tailor physically attacking Christian in an elevator while he tries to deter her from hitting him. She is currently in custody on a no bond hold. Stay tuned for additional details regarding this case.

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