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Kanye West Wore Ku Klux Klan Inspired Hood on Stage at Listening Party for New Album

Kanye West & Playboi Carti. Photo/X

Kanye West is back on the scene to promote his album "Vultures" after a hiatus from the music industry. Although his stunts are never a surprise, Kanye's most recent tactic involves the rapper wearing a Ku Klux Klan-inspired hood at his album listening party in Miami. This isn't the first time he's incorporated Ku Klux Klan imagery in his music. Yet the recent backlash he received for anti-semitic comments and wearing "White Lives Matter" shirts and the endless cryptic messages he posted online before his recent disappearance have made it so his brand and artistry will never be viewed the same. Yet, there's a strong possibility that Ye intends for it to be that way. Some people feel that most of Ye's antics are because he's a marketing genius.

Kanye West, Offset, and Lil Durk

Although last year Kanye was banned from Instagram and X (formerly known as Twitter) and lost the partnership with Adidas that made him a billionaire, he's returned to his primary source of creation, music. His daughter, North, reportedly performed with him in Miami and will be featured on "Vultures," which drops this week. Ye hasn't been totally blackballed from the music industry because this album will also feature Chris Brown, Kodak Black, Offset, and others. Let's see what becomes of this new album.

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