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Jason Lee From 'Hollywood Unlocked' Said Nicki Minaj & Her Husband Tried to Hire Men to Assault Him

Jason Lee. Photo/Instagram

On an audio recording, Jason Lee, the founder of Hollywood Unlocked, alleges he has proof that Nicki Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty, tried to hire men to harm him physically. He also claims the famous rapper and her husband want the entertainers and married couple, Cardi B and Offset, dead! Jason was referring to the recent feud between Offset and Nicki's husband–Petty threatened Offset on a viral video, causing a judge to sentence him to 120 days of home confinement.

Lee said he's tired of the "high road." Lee and Minaj have been feuding for years. When the HU founder appeared on an episode of "Drink Champs," he said he doesn't trust the New York rapper: "Privately and publicly though, I would never want to be her friend because I don't trust her. I don't think she's a girl you can trust."

Nicki Minaj & Kenneth Petty. Photo/Instagram

Lee stated: "If you know Kenneth Petty's parole officer, please send it to me. Email it to me right now! Send it to Hollywood Unlocked. Please DM us, because I'm gonna call them and send them this receipt that I got of them trying to hire somebody to come get me. You wouldn't be the first celebrity. That wide head bitch from "Sweetie Pie's" (Tim Norman from the "Sweetie Pie's" reality show) tried to hire somebody too, and they almost were successful but got caught! Where's he at now in life? Prison in life! Ain't nobody hiding from you bitches!" Click the link to listen to the audio.

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