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'Welcome to Sweetie Pie's' Star Tim Norman Given Two Life Sentences For Murder For Hire of Nephew

Tim Norman on the red carpet for an event. Photo Credit/Getty Images

A Missouri Judge, John A. Ross, sentenced former Welcome to Sweetie Pie's star Tim Norman to two life sentences for orchestrating the murder of his 21-year-old nephew, Andre Montgomery Jr., to collect a $450,000 life insurance payout. Judge Ross told Tim during sentencing that the 2016 murder for hire was "a cold-blooded, incredibly premeditated, planned execution of your nephew."

Andre Montgomery Jr.

Tim was found guilty of the murder for hire in September 2022. The former reality show star hired two accomplices, Terrica Ellis and Travell Hill. Travell Hill was the gunman and was sentenced to 32 years in prison. Terrica received three years in prison for her involvement in the crime. Tim reportedly paid Terrica $10,000 to give him a location for Andre, yet she alleged that she was unaware Andre would be killed.

Andre reportedly feared that Tim would take his life. According to, FBI Special Agent Christopher Faber testified that Andre Montgomery texted his grandmother, Robbie Montgomery, the owner of Sweetie Pie's restaurant, that he feared his uncle was after him after Robbie's north St. Louis County home was burglarized, where roughly $220,000 worth of cash and valuables were taken in 2015. Agent Faber also testified that when Tim was experiencing financial hardships, he texted a family member months before Andre's death, explaining that he had recently been evicted from his St. Louis apartment and had more than $91,000 in monthly expenses with no money coming in.

Robbie Montgomery and Tim Norman at Sweetie Pie's restaurant. Photo Credit/

Sweetie Pie's closed its final and main location in St. Louis in 2022. The restaurant was in business for 25 years. Miss Robbie shared the following statements with KTVI "I've had tough times, and I'm still having them, but God is good. My son is in trouble right now, but I'm his mother, and I don't know no more about it than you 'cause I hear it when you do, but I'm there for him to support him. That's my son, and I can't abandon him now."



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