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Former Harlem Kingpin, Alpo Martinez, Was Murdered This Morning

Former Harlem kingpin, Alpo Martinez, 55, was murdered in Harlem during the early morning hours. He was reportedly shot five times in his upper body while sitting in his vehicle.

In 2015, after serving nearly a 25-year prison bid, he was released to Maine's federal witness protection program. Alpo decided to leave the witness protection program and transition back to the New Jersey/New York area.

Interest and popularity surrounding his story have existed for years. The 2002 film "Paid In Full" loosely depicts the lives of friends Alpo, Azie Faison, and the late Richard Porter as they reigned together in Harlem's underworld.

Harlem natives have expressed mixed emotions about Alpo. Accused and convicted of committing 14 murders, including his friend Richard Porter, Alpo also turned evidence on some of his criminal associates, such as Washington D.C.'s Wayne "Silk" Perry. Conversely, many people from Harlem still remember Alpo as the life-of-the-party, a ladies' man and a charitable person who looked out for many people in Harlem.

Over the years, Martinez expressed his remorse about the violence that he contributed to, especially the murder of his former friend, Richard Porter. Some people saw his return to Harlem as a dangerous act, but he allegedly wanted to be home among his family and friends.

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