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Will the Biden Administration Send $429 Million to Jackson, Mississippi for the Water Crisis?

Jackson, the largest city in Mississippi, is experiencing a water crisis that is becoming reminiscent of the Flint, Michigan water emergency. Citizens have reportedly been unable to drink or cook with the city's water supply for weeks.

In August, a flood reportedly damaged the town's water system, making it impossible to produce water. However, Jackson has allegedly had water issues since at least 2020. According to Fox News, the Mississippi State Department of Health issued a 3/5 rating for the drinking water two years ago, along with excessive safety violations. According to NBC News, the city may not immediately access the $429 million needed to repair its water system.

Americans are concerned that the quick receipt of emergency funding from the government could be an issue, especially after the mishandling of the Flint water crisis. After all, the Biden Administration has sent over $5 billion in aid to Ukraine this year.

Stay tuned for later updates.

Photo Credit: AP



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