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What Does Divorce, Celebrity Feuds, and Being Dropped From the Grammy Awards Mean For Kanye West?

Sky Cinema/Shutterstock

After several negative public encounters with celebrities, a recent suspension from Instagram, where he often taunts his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, and being dropped from performing at the Grammy Awards, what does the current chain of events mean for the direction of Kanye West's career?

Kanye has been considered a bit of a radical for some time now. But his recent threats of violence towards comedian D. L. Hughley and the grotesque imagery and lyrics about Kim's boyfriend, Pete Davidson, in his video "Eazy," seem like the rapper's behavior is escalating negatively.

Considering that social media can easily help or hinder celebrities' careers, hopefully, this isn't the beginning of the downward spiral that will eventually kill Kanye's career.

Photo Credit: AP/Shutterstock


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