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Kanye West & Ty Dolla $ign's Album 'Vultures 1' Removed From iTunes and Apple Music

Photo/Instagram/Kanye West

Vultures 1, Kanye West, and Ty Dolla $ ign's collaborative album was removed from iTunes and Apple Music Thursday afternoon after its Saturday release. According to Forbes, the album was dominating the streaming and sales charts. The album's distributor, FUGA, told Billboard, "Late last year, FUGA was presented with the opportunity to release Vultures 1," the spokesperson said in a statement to Billboard. "Exercising our judgment in the ordinary course of business, we declined to do so." FUGA also explained that the album reportedly was released to streaming apps after a long-standing FUGA client delivered the album Vultures 1 through the platform's automated processes, violating our service agreement. 

Forbes reports that there have been other issues surrounding the album regarding sampling and copyrights, "West had already faced criticism and threats of legal action against "Vultures 1" because of allegations that he sampled songs from multiple artists without permission. The track "Good (Don't Die)" was removed from Spotify on Wednesday after Donna Summer's estate accused him of "copyright infringement" by sampling her 1977 track, "I Feel Love," after being denied permission. Similarly, Ozzy Osbourne tweeted on Feb. 9 that West had used a sample of his 1983 performance of "Iron Man" in his new track, "Carnival," after being denied permission. Osbourne—who said he denied West the sample because of his history of antisemitism—reportedly threatened legal action, and the track was reportedly released without the sample."

Rapper Nicki Minaj also denied Kanye's request to include a song they previously collaborated on, "New Body," to include on the Vultures1 album. Nicki said the age of the track would not be worth re-releasing the song on West's project; she responded to his request on social media, stating, "Now, when it comes to Kanye, that ship has sailed, alright?" she expressed. "I mean no disrespect at all. I just released a fresh album. Why would I drop a track that's been out for three years? Let's be real, guys." 

Vultures 1 can still be streamed on Spotify. 

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