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University of Virginia Student-Athlete Killed Three People & Wounded Two on a Charter Bus

A former University of Virginia football player, who was still a student, Christopher Jones Jr., killed three players, D'Sean Perry, Lavel Davis Jr., and Devin Chandler. He also wounded two other people, one of who is in critical condition. Jones reportedly opened fire on a charter bus filled with fellow students after returning from an off-campus activity in Washington, D.C. The shooter had reportedly received a misdemeanor charge for having a concealed weapon of campus at the time of the deadly incident, but the university was unaware of this information.

Before the shooting, The University of Virginia also received a report that Jones had a firearm on campus and investigated the situation. Jones' was also involved in a hazing case on campus. The case was reportedly closed due to a lack of testimony.

Authorities are unsure about Jones' motives for murdering three fellow students. However, his father said in an interview that his son told him he was being picked on. Stay tuned for later details; this is a developing story (Christopher Jones Jr. is pictured below).

Photo Credits: The University of Virginia


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