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Unarmed Homeless Man Choked to Death on NYC Subway by Former Marine Sources Say

Photo/Juan Alberto Vazquez via New York Post

Thirty-year-old Jordan Neely was choked to death on a New York City subway. Sources say an unnamed 24-year-old passenger, a former marine, placed Jordan in a choke hold while another passenger held his arms after Jordan began screaming on the subway. Jordan was reportedly homeless and frequented the subway. According to the New York Post, he suffered from mental health issues.

Photo/Juan Alberto Vazquez via New York Post

According to the New York Post, freelance journalist Juan Alberto Vazquez who recorded and took photos of the incident, said, "He started screaming in an aggressive manner." "He said he had no food; he had no drink, that he was tired and doesn't care if he goes to jail. He started screaming all these things, took off his jacket, a black jacket that he had, and threw it on the ground." Juan then explained that the unnamed passenger came up from behind Neely, dropped him to the ground, and placed him in a chokehold. Neely was reportedly in the hold for about 15 minutes. The conductor eventually stopped the train and contacted the ambulance, but they could not revive Neely.

ABC News states, "The medical examiner determined that the chokehold killed Neely, and his death has been ruled a homicide." The unnamed passenger reportedly declined to comment about his involvement in the situation. Civil Rights attorney Ben Crump has shed light on this situation via his Instagram.

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