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Tiffany Haddish Responds to Fans About Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuit via Instagram

  Tiffany Haddish has briefly responded to child sexual abuse allegations that resulted in a lawsuit against herself and fellow comedian Aries Spears. A 22-year-old California woman filed a lawsuit on behalf of herself and her younger brother, accusing Tiffany and Aries of sexually abusing them by involving them in child pornography when they were 7 and 14.

The anonymous woman said that Tiffany was her mother's friend when the abuse occurred. Allegedly, Haddish and Spears used the children for a sexually explicit comedy skit, Through a Pedophile's Eyes. The recording landed on the website, Funny or Die but got removed.

Tiffany's attorney Andrew Brettler advised that he considers the lawsuit bogus and that the family has been trying to sue Haddish for years but has been unsuccessful in finding legal representation. The plaintiff will reportedly represent herself in court against Haddish and Spears and is asking for the arrest of both parties.

Photo Credits: TIffany Haddish & Getty Images



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