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The 'W.A.' Excludes Trans Women Who've Had Male Puberty from Participating in Female Sports

CeCe Telfer competing in the women's 400-meter hurdles/Getty Images

According to CNN, the World Athletics (W.A.) organization announced it would prevent biological males who have gone through "male puberty" from participating in female world ranking competitions as of March 31st, 2023. CeCe Telfer, the first transgender woman to win an NCAA title in women's track in 2019, is upset by the new change. CeCe stated, "I'm still going to keep pursuing my dreams and keep competing and keep running as much as I can, wherever I can, however I can." Telfer was a student-athlete at Franklin Pierce University and made history by winning first place in the 400-meter hurdles.

Before transitioning into a woman, Telfer participated in men's track and was unsuccessful at the sport. The 400-meter hurdler said a coach who was unaware of his transition started to train the trans-athlete. But, the coach discontinued the training once the biological females he coached said they were uncomfortable training with Telfer. The trans-athlete was also unable to compete in the 2021 Olympic trials in women's events.

The governing body of swimming, World Aquatics, also made similar amendments to its rules last year. Their policy states that biological males who can prove they never experienced male puberty are eligible to compete in women's athletics. World Athletics explained to CNN, "The science shows that anyone who has gone through male puberty retains male anatomical differences that provide an athletic advantage."

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