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The Man Who Sold Michael K. Williams a Deadly Dose of Fentanyl-Laced Heroin Pleads Guilty

Michael K. Williams Photo/IMDb

Irvin Cartagena, 39, pleaded guilty to selling narcotics to actor Michael K. Williams, which caused his death. Michael overdosed on fentanyl-laced heroin at his Brooklyn home in 2021. According to The Week, Cartagena pleaded guilty to conspiring to distribute heroin, fentanyl, and fentanyl analogue.

A surveillance camera recorded the drug transaction between the actor and Cartagena on a street corner in Brooklyn. Following the television actor's death, the 39-year-old fled to Puerto Rico, where he was arrested. Three other men, Hector Robles, Luis Cruz, and Carlos Macci, were arrested and charged in connection with William's death as well. The prosecutors said the defendants continued to distribute the same batch of drugs after knowing Williams had died from an overdose. Cartagena faces up to 40 years in prison. He reportedly has previous drug offenses.

Over the years, Williams spoke about his ongoing battle with drug addiction while pursuing his acting career. He's most known for playing Omar Little on the HBO series "The Wire." Before his death, Williams was working on his life story, which was completed and released after his death, titled Scenes From My Life: A Memoir.



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