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The Body of a Missing N.Y.C. Tattoo Artist Laid Behind His Workplace for Six Months After His Death

Drexyll Tolstoy/GoFundMe

The body of Drexyll Tolstoy, a New York City tattoo artist who was reported as missing for nearly six months, was found behind his place of employment, Black Fish Tattoo, earlier this month. The New York Police Department told PEOPLE he was discovered "with injuries indicative of falling from an elevated position." The city's medical examiner determined that the tattoo artist committed suicide by jumping from the back of the 17-story building where his job was housed at months ago. They identified him from his dental records.

Drexyll's mother, Kellie Tolstoy, who lives in Detroit, was unhappy with how the city handled the search efforts and created a GoFundMe, which allowed her to travel and create her own search team. Kellie referred to the NYDP as incompetent via her GoFundMe mission statement; she wrote, "The NYPD is shockingly incompetent, as well as incredibly rude. They didn't watch the surveillance cameras that would've shown him walking back in that night. They NEVER WATCHED THE TAPES AT HIS WORK."

After discovering his body, Kellie told the Daily News: "How was he found right there? He was there the whole time! "He's been laying there for six months!" His mother also told the Daily News that he suffered from depression and had recently started taking a new medication. His girlfriend said he was last seen on September 25th, and she reported him missing after he didn't return home that evening and didn't show up for work the next day.

People describe Drexyll as a gifted tattoo artist who will be missed by many. For more news and updates, subscribe to



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