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Suge Knight Said He Will Not Testify Against Tupac Shakur's Murder Suspect: Shakur's Brother Speaks

Tupac Shakur & Suge Knight in Las Vegas (allegedly minutes before Tupac's shooting) Photo/Leonard Jefferson

While speaking to TMZ from his prison facility, Suge Knight, former CEO of Death Row Records, explained why he's unwilling to testify against Duane "Keefe D Davis," the man recently arrested for the murder of Tupac Shakur. Along with saying why he won't cooperate with authorities, Suge explained to TMZ that he and Keefe D are Compton, California natives who played Pop Warner football together as kids. More importantly, he said his unwillingness to cooperate was because Keefe D was not the gunman and should not be in custody for the 1996 murder of Shakur.

Suge witnessed Shakur's murder-Shakur sat in the passenger seat while Knight drove a black BMW through Las Vegas when someone in the vehicle with Keefe D shot up their car. The former CEO suffered non-life-threatening gunshot wounds, but Shakur suffered a coma for days with multiple gunshot wounds before succumbing to his injuries on September 13, 1996. While recalling the story, Knight told TMZ, "There were only two people in the car; Pac's not gonna tell the story, I ain't gonna tell the story," but I'll tell you this: "I never had nothing bad to say about Orlando, because number one he wasn't the shooter, number two he came to my hearing and told them to let me go."

Orlando Anderson. Photo Credit/Unknown

The lack of progress in Shakur's murder case has puzzled people throughout the years. Even the new indictment seems peculiar. Several years ago, authorities reportedly granted Keefe immunity in exchange for his account of what occurred when Pac was killed. He's since done several interviews about witnessing the murder of the late rap star. Many people questioned what led the authorities back to Keefe D to indict him for the murder. Yet, it’s rumored that a minor change in the story he initially reported to authorities canceled his immunity. Keefe reportedly went from admitting that he was simply at the crime scene to acknowledging that he was involved in the shooting by giving the gunman the gun Shakur was murdered with.

A long-standing rumor was that Orlando Anderson, Keefe's nephew, pulled the trigger that killed the rap star. It was assumed that since Orlando was in a physical altercation with Tupac and other Death Row Records affiliates in Las Vegas at the MGM Casino, he took the rapper's life in retaliation. Keefe D and Suge Knight have publicly denied Anderson being the gunman. TMZ talked to Suge about possibly being called to testify in the case. Suge Knight said, "I won't!" Knight also answered the long-standing question about who shot Tupac, "It wasn't Anderson, so that's all I got to say about that part! Anderson was reportedly murdered two years later in Compton, California. Before Anderson's death, he also denied being the gunman. In an interview with CNN, he maintained his innocence; he stated, "No, I was not involved. I mean, I'm like a victim. I feel sorry for him; like I said, I was a fan."

Despite Knight and Keefe D both being present for the murder of Tupac, neither of them has relinquished the name of the gunman. Shakur's siblings Sekyiwa "Set" Shakur and Mopreme Shakur have made statements about Davis' arrest for Pac's murder. Mopreme told Comedy Hype that the Las Vegas Police Department had no communication or updates with his family until he recently interviewed with CNN, "I had no prior communication with Las Vegas law enforcement, and then eventually they reached out after I did an interview on CNN. Then Las Vegas law enforcement started reaching out to me and the family, trying to act like they were updating us on the case or whatever, but they had not done so for the last 27 years. This guy has been out there spreading his version of the story. I was assuming that Las Vegas was doing their job and trying to solve it and following up on shit, but all of a sudden, here we are." Mopreme seems somewhat optimistic that their family will receive justice; he told Sky News, “27 years is a long time; my daughter is 27. Any accountability at this point is good.”

Per Sky News, Keefe has asked that his arraignment be delayed until he finds proper legal representation. Some details of this story are still developing. To follow this story and other news, click the link to become a Volume 82 site member.



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