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Sports Reporter Suspended After Making Inappropriate Comments to Caitlin Clark During Press Time—"Start Doing it to Me and We’ll Get Along Just Fine”

Caitlin Clark. Photo/Indiana Fever/Instagram

A staff writer for the Indianapolis Star, Gregg Doyel, was given a two-week suspension after having what some deemed as an inappropriate exchange with Caitlin Clark in April during a press event.

After Doyel introduced himself to Caitlin at press time, he made the heart gesture she does at games. Caitlin then asked Doyel, "You like that?" He responded, "I like that you're here." Caitlin then explained that she shares that gesture with her family after every game, "I do that at my family after every game, so it's pretty cool," she said. The reporter responded, "OK, well, start doing it to me and we'll get along just fine." 

Clark's fans quickly criticized Doyle, complaining that male athletes are not subjected to such interactions when dealing with the press. This incident sparked a debate about appropriate conduct during press events. According to NBC, the Indianapolis Star spokesperson Lark-Marie Anton said she could not discuss any "personnel matters or personnel actions," but confirmed Gregg Doyel will not be a part of any Fever coverage following his awkward April 17 interaction with Clark.

This is not the first time Clark has dealt with awkward or inappropriate comments in the media. Former NFL player Antonio Brown has made some lewd remarks about Caitlin, eventually causing the former University of Iowa basketball star to block him on social media. One of his most offensive remarks was when he posted, "Caitlin Clark looks like she keeps it hairy," on Twitter. After discovering the rookie WNBA player blocked him, Brown posted a racially derogative comment, "Cracker of the Day" #CTESPN, "Blocked by Cousin It." 

Brown, known as an attention seeker and for being at the center of online discord, visited Jason Whitlock's show. However, on the show, he praised Clark's abilities as an athlete, he stated, "Caitlin Clark, we love you." He continued. "There's no drama here. I'm excited about what you're going to do for women's basketball. You're an amazing player. I love to watch your game, You bring a lot of excitement and energy." He even praised Caitlin for her positive influence over his daughter before backpedaling, to say, "So shout out to you Caitlin Clark... and if it's hairy don't worry about it."

Clark has not publicly responded to any of Brown's comments. The Indiana Fever star competed in apre-season game against the Dallas Wings, scoring 21 points the most points on the team. Yet, the Fever lost to Dallas, 79-76. They Fever is scheduled to play its next pre-season game against the Atlanta Dream at home. 

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