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'Sports Illustrated' Criticized for Giving the Cover to Trans Singer Kim Petras Over a Bio Woman

Photo/Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated faces criticism for giving the cover to transgender entertainer Kim Petras rather than a biological woman. Kim is a Grammy award-winning German singer and songwriter. The singer reportedly completed gender reassignment surgery in Germany, at age 16, with special approval. Kim was labeled the "world's youngest transsexual."

Many conservatives are reportedly asking for a boycott of Sports Illustrated. Several biological women believe that transgender women are starting to lock natural women out of many opportunities, which is oppressive to natural born women. A long-time SI subscriber (GW) Tweeted, "SI has caved on the iconic Swimsuit issue, putting a transgender on the cover!!! Sickos!!!! I just cancelled my 41 year subscription. Done!" @Ciaobella Tweeted, "Come on, SI (Sports Illustrated) has a transgender on the cover!! WTF-The disrespect that is happening in this country towards real women is disgusting." An anonymous online user commented, "I haven't looked at SI in years. I would assume that they have just alienated the remaining fan base. When will these companies learn?"

The implementation of specific transgender rights and laws has divided the nation, raising legal, moral, religious, safety, and ethical concerns. Yet, several media entities and companies are beginning to brand themselves with trans models and spokespersons. Approximately 19 states in the union have banned gender-affirming care for trans people under 18. About nine states have bathroom bans for transgender people that prevent them from using restrooms consistent with their gender identities. While trans community members argue that their changes in identity aren't intended to take away from biological men and women, several biological males and females argue that they are losing their God-given rights from these changes.

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