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South Carolina Woman Trafficked Cocaine in Fake Pregnancy Belly

Cemeka Mitchem/Photo-Anderson County Sheriff's Office

Drug traffickers allegedly used a fake pregnancy belly to smuggle 1,500 grams of cocaine in South Carolina. The duo, Anthony Miller and Cemeka Mitchem was reportedly pulled over while driving on Interstate 85 in South Carolina. According to the New York Times, "Police said red flags were then raised when the officers asked about the apparent pregnant woman's due date and the two suspects provided "conflicting information." After realizing that the authorities were on to them, Cemeka supposedly attempted to escape and took off running when the cocaine fell out of the fake belly she was wearing.

Photo: Anderson County Sheriff's Office

According to Law & Crime under South Carolina law, trafficking over 400 grams of cocaine is punished by "not less than twenty-five years nor more than thirty years with a mandatory minimum term of imprisonment of twenty-five years, no part of which may be suspended nor probation granted, and a fine of two hundred thousand dollars." To follow this story and other news, click the link to become a Volume 82 site member.



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