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Shanquella Robinson's Family Questions Her Death After She Was Recorded Being Attacked in Mexico

Shanquella Robinson's death exemplifies how making videos and using social media can be a gift and a curse. The 25-year-old was vacationing with so-called friends in Cabo, Mexico when she suspiciously died in October. According to her mother, Salamondra Robinson, via WNCT, one day into the trip, the people she traveled with contacted her to let her know Shanquella had died. Yet, Salamondra said everyone's story was inconsistent. Her mother was told she died due to alcohol poisoning, but she didn't believe that.

Reportedly, Mexican authorities initially told her family there was no foul play surrounding her death. However, an autopsy revealed that the 25-year-old businesswoman was murdered and suffered from a cracked spine and broken neck. A video recently surfaced showing Shanquella being attacked by a female. During the fight, she was nude and not defending herself. The video and screenshots also show her being thrown down and in defenseless positions while being hit. (Below is a screenshot image of the fight).

The real mystery in this situation is what prompted the attack? Did her attack stem from jealousy? Shanquella was reportedly a successful businesswoman in Charolette with more than 50k followers on Instagram. She had a successful online boutique and hair braiding service. More importantly, why didn't anyone intervene and stop the fight? Who recorded the attack, and why was she naked?

No arrests have been made at this time. The family reportedly involved the FBI and are working with a private investigator to solve the case. We hope that justice is served for Shanquella.

Stay tuned for updates. This is a developing story.

Photo Credits: Shanquella Robinson/Instagram and Facebook



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