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San Francisco Will Soon Authorize Police Robots To Use Deadly Force Against Citizens

San Francisco's Board of Supervisors' decision to vote in a law that allows police robots to use deadly force on citizens sounds like it could be a scene in I, Robot, Minority Report, The Terminator, or Enemy of the State. The city must hold a second vote, and San Francisco's mayor must sign off on the policy for this to become legal.

This decision sends Americans who are already concerned about police brutality into a frenzy. According to the Washington Post, 1,091 people were killed by police in the past year. Each year, many Americans feel increasingly uneasy about the amount of police brutality and shootings that claim the lives of unarmed citizens. Breonna Taylor, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, George Floyd, Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, Philando Castile, and Eric Cantu Jr. are just a handful of unarmed Americans who were severely wounded or killed by police officers.

However, law enforcement officials maintain that the purpose of police bots is to strictly increase the safety of officers and bystanders during dangerous situations. The bots range in size. Some reportedly stand around five feet tall and move with wheels. America has also supposedly invested in constructing police bots that run and have human physical likenesses, such as arms and legs!

Stay tuned for updates on this story.

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