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Remembering the Life of Bruce Lee During Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

During Asian American & Pacific Island Heritage Month, we remember the life of Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee was a global phenomenon, often viewed as the most preeminent martial artist worldwide. Lee was significantly ahead of his time. He developed the (Jeet Kune Do) style of fighting, which aligned with his philosophical and spiritual beliefs. As a visionary, philosopher, humanitarian, artist, and entertainer, he embraced all cultures through his art form.

Although Lee was born in America, he started acting and practicing martial arts while being raised in China. At 18, he returned to the United States to attend the University of Washington. Shortly after, Bruce began teaching martial arts and formed a school. As Bruce trained students and competed professionally, Hollywood recognized his talent. He subsequently landed his first American television role as Kato on the Green Hornet.

Green Hornet-Van Willams as Green Hornet (L) and Bruce Lee as Kato (R)

After this series, he returned to Hong Kong's film industry, achieving great success. Bruce eventually returned to America and starred in the highly successful film, Enter the Dragon alongside American martial artists Jim Kelley, John Saxon, and Robert Wall. His next major Hollywood project was Game of Death which starred American martial artist Chuck Norris and NBA star and martial artist Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Unfortunately, he passed away in Hong Kong in 1973 before the completion of Game of Death, and the movie industry halted the production of the project, releasing it years later.

Despite his early death at age 32 after going into a coma, Bruce greatly impacted the world. One of his most famous quotes, "Be like water," is still referenced today. "Be like water-life is in constant change, and unless we learn to adapt to it, we're bound to experience tremendous resistance that will entrap us in a state of suffering."

Bruce has a cult following, and his super-human abilities caused him to be immortalized by many fans. And so, within the world, he remains.

Photo & Video Credits: IMDB, Instagram (Bruce Lee)


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