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Rapper Flo-Rida's Son Severely Injured After Falling Five Stories From Apartment: Mother Sues

Zohar-Photo/Alexis Adams

Flo Rida's six-year-old son, Zohar Dillard, fell five stories from his apartment window and has been hospitalized due to critical injuries. His son's mother, Alexis Adams, reportedly stated that the child has special needs and requested that her landlord put up window guards, which was not done.

Alexis Adams-Photo/Daily Mail

Alexis is reportedly taking legal action against the apartment complex. However, Alexis has also stated that Flo Rida, whose real name is Tramar Dillard, has failed to pay the child's hospital bills. Flo Rida reportedly does not have a relationship with his son. According to, the child's mother said the entertainer has not assisted with Zohar's health insurance costs per a child support agreement. Little Zohar reportedly suffers from internal bleeding, a shattered pelvis, collapsed lungs, and a damaged liver, among other injuries. We hope Zohar can make a full recovery.



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