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One Person Reportedly Arrested in the Death of Crypto-Currency Millionaire Fernando Perez Algaba

Photo/Fernando Perez Algaba/Instagram

Missing cryptocurrency millionaire Fernando Pérez Algaba was found dead and dismembered in Buenos Aires, Argentina. According to multiple news sources, Fernando was missing when children found his body dismembered and stuffed in multiple suitcases near a body of water. Authorities confirmed Fernando was shot numerous times, likely before being dismembered. Buenos Aires authorities identified the former millionaire from his tattoos and fingerprints.

The entrepreneur made a fortune in multiple industries, including luxury car rentals and digital currency, but reportedly got upside down in debt after certain investments underperformed. According to Complex, Argentina's tax agency reported, "Algaba's Buenos Aires-based crypto trading company Motors Lettuce SRL was in serious debt. Per La Nacion, he left a note on his phone about losing a lot of money on various crypto investments shortly before he went missing. He also alluded to getting a hefty loan from the Argentinian gang Barra Bravas and wrote, "If something happens to me, everyone is already warned."

The police have allegedly arrested at least one suspect in the murder. To follow this story and other news, click the link to become a Volume 82 site member.



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