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Nurse Kills Six People & Sets Three Cars on Fire While Speeding Through A Los Angeles Intersection

Nicole Linton killed six people, including Asherey Ryan, her unborn child, her 11-month-old baby, Allonzo, and her boyfriend Reynold Lester, while speeding through a busy Los Angeles intersection at 100 miles per hour. The family was headed to a prenatal appointment when the accident occurred. The collision caused three cars to burst into flames and injured eight more people.

Linton was allegedly drunk during the time of the crash. She's reportedly a traveling nurse from Texas who worked in Los Angeles during the accident. A Los Angeles judge has charged Linton with multiple counts of murder and vehicular manslaughter. Linton reportedly had several driving infractions before this deadly accident. She's reportedly in jail on a $9 million bail.

We send condolences to all the families during this difficult time.

(Nicole Linton pictured above during her court hearing in LA County) Photo Credit-AP

(Asherey Ryan & her son Allonzo) Photo Credit: Fox 11 LA



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