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Nicki Minaj's Mother Will Provide Free Plastic Surgery for Domestic Violence Victims

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Nicki Minaj's mother, Carol Maraj, will donate plastic surgery services to domestic violence victims. Carol is reportedly working with New York's Dr. Scott Blyer to provide free plastic surgery to people who became disfigured from domestic violence.

After recovering from DV trauma, she launched The Carol Maraj Foundation in 2012, which offers advocacy and services for people recovering from DV. According to the New York Times, at an NAACP luncheon, Carol explained why she wants to provide this service "So often, when [women] finally break free it is with scars, broken bones and disfigurements." "We will give these victims a new start that includes helping to restore their physical confidence."

(Carol) Photo Credit/The Carol Maraj Foundation

Dr. Scott Blyer is excited to offer his services; according to the New York Times, he stated, "A lot of women are embarrassed or ashamed or fearful to go to the hospital." "We're going to be donating our services, all of my surgical fees and so forth will be free of charge for anyone who has the courage to step away from a situation where they were involved with domestic violence." He included, "Perhaps a broken nose, a laceration, [is] something where we can help them out."

Since recovering from domestic violence, Carol earned a liberal arts degree in human services. She's also a gospel singer and songwriter. We commend her for reaching back to help others, and providing an excellent service to those in need. To follow this story and other news, click the link to become a Volume 82 site member.


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