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'New York Times' Writer & Author of 'The 1619 Project' Received Hate Mail at the 'New York Times'

Author Nikole Hannah-Jones shared with her Instagram followers that she received hate mail and a death threat at the New York Times. This news doesn't come as a significant shock, considering that Hanna-Jones is becoming a well-known name in the media. In 2020, she won the Pulitzer Prize for writing the informative and controversial book, "The 1619 Project." She's also a staff writer for the New York Times and recently became a tenured faculty member at Howard University's journalism department. She also has an educational venture, The 1619 Freedom School, in her hometown of Waterloo, Iowa. The school is actually an after-school literacy program that helps to enhance students' reading skills and love of reading. She also graced the cover of Essence magazine and, in 2021, was one of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People. (Story continued after photo share)

In the last several years, Hannah-Jones has been incredibly expressive and vocal about racism in America. The author mentioned that the mail came from an anonymous sender. Yet, it contained the historically used threat against Black Americans "the only good nigger is a dead nigger." Well, if they say so! Our better judgment tells us she won't miss a beat.

Keep your chin up, Nikole!

Stay tuned for updates.



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