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New Jersey Parents Take Issue With An Elementary School Art Teacher's Body Type & Online Image

Some New Jersey parents reportedly want an elementary school art teacher Roxsana Diaz fired because her body is too curvy and distracting to students! Roxsana has more than 815,000 Instagram followers and goes by The Art Teacher/@toyboxdolls. Via a somewhat vague video post on Instagram that captions, "Mothers are trying to do what to my job!?," it appears that she was addressing turmoil regarding her employment. In the video, she also thanked her students' mothers for being her number one supporters at her school. (See her response below via 9 MagTV)

Diaz appears to be a very creative and experienced teacher, yet her semi-provocative social media posts may also trigger parents to be concerned with her professional image. It seems that she takes non-work attire photos in her classroom. However, body shaming Diaz for her body type should not be accepted. There is not much information regarding this story at this time. Stay tuned for updates.

Photo Credit Roxsana Diaz via Instagram



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