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Murder Victims Identified from Mass Shooting In Iowa Nightclub

Two people died, and ten were hospitalized after a shooting at Taboo Night Club early Sunday morning in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The murder victims are Nicole Owens, 35, and Michael Valentine, 25.

Timothy Rush, 32, is charged with second-degree murder. It's believed that a second shooter was involved. Allegedly, the authorities are still unclear who the intended target was.

It appears the club was hosting a 90s-themed party when gunshots erupted. At least one person has reportedly undergone surgery for their injuries, and other injuries range from mild to life-threatening.

(Murder suspect-Timothy Rush)

Update-A second person is now arrested for involvement in the shooting. Dimione Walker, 29, was arrested in the Chicago area this past Monday. The Chicago police are holding him until Iowa authorities detain him.

(Dimione Walker)

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