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Ms. Jacky Oh's Plastic Surgeon Allegedly Had Malpractice Complaints Before Her Death

Ms. Jacky Oh/@msjackyoh (Instagram)

Dr. Zachary Okhah, the plastic surgeon who conducted Ms. Jacky Oh's surgery in Miami, reportedly had several malpractice complaints before he performed Jacky's procedure. According to information provided by People magazine, Dr. Zach sued some of his former patients after they left negative reviews about his unsatisfactory work. People magazine reported the following information "Page Six reports that Okhah previously filed lawsuits against other clients, such as Leila Penn, who he reportedly sued for more than $30,000 in July 2021.

Dr. Zach/@therealdrzach (Instagram)

People also stated, "He reportedly accused his former patient of "directly engaging with" prospective clients and encouraging them to go elsewhere, but dismissed the lawsuit without prejudice in December 2021." People also published that Dr. Zach also filed a lawsuit against his former patient "Kyla Neirenburg, for claiming that he doesn't have "happy patients," according to the publication's information from Page Six.

Authorities have not confirmed the mother of three's cause of death, yet her long-time partner, DC Young Fly, publicly stated, "We thank everyone for their well wishes and ask for privacy during this difficult time." Jacky reportedly worked in real estate and developed a cosmetic line while raising her children with DC Young Fly.

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