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Montgomery Riverboat Co-Captain Charged With Assault After Defending Himself Against a Mob of Men

Dameion Pickett via ABC News

According to Montgomery Municipal Court records and ABC News, Dameion Pickett, the Alabama Riverboat Co-Captain involved in the brawl that went viral in August, has been charged with assault. Dameion has an arraignment for these charges later this month.

While working his shift, he had a dispute with a group who parked their pontoon boat in the area designated for the riverboats to dock when they return with passengers. The day of the incident, the Harriott II riverboat had 227 passengers on board and was unable to park because the boat would not move. According to ABC Pickett and witnesses aboard the Harriott II explained that crew members made several attempts to ask the owner of the pontoon boat to move it, but their calls were ignored. "Everybody was yelling, "Could y'all move y'all boat?" Pickett said. It was then that Pickett said he got off the riverboat "by the captain's orders" and went to move the pontoon boat himself. Moments after Pickett moved the pontoon, he was confronted by multiple men, punched in the face, and other attackers also got physical with him. Revolt reported that despite repeatedly being asked to move the pontoon and being unwilling to do so, the group of white boaters told Pickett, "Don't touch that boat, motherf**ker, or we will beat your a**,'" the co-captain recounted in a written statement to police. The situation quickly escalated into a violent brawl with multiple people fighting. A teen employee, Aaren, swam across the dock, involving himself in the melee to help defend his coworker.

Revolt reports that Zachery Shipman, one of the main aggressors in the situation, Richard Roberts, Allen Todd, and Mary Todd pleaded not guilty to their charges. Mary's initial third-degree assault charge was downgraded to harassment following a plea agreement that included court costs and a requirement to complete anger management classes. Meanwhile, Roberts, who was hit with two assault charges, received a four-month suspended sentence, of which he'll serve 32 days in a Perry County jail on the weekends. He'll also pay court costs and must complete 100 hours of community service. Allen, Shipman, and Ray will return to court on Nov. 16. To view footage from the incident, click the link.

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