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Mike Tyson Calls the Hulu Network a "Slave Master" for Doing An Unauthorized Movie About His Life

Mike Tyson scathed the Hulu network on social media, calling it a "slave master!" The former heavyweight champion said on Twitter, "Hulu stole my story. They're Goliath, and I'm David. Heads will roll for this." Reportedly, Hulu is not paying him for this project.

to MMiMike also took to social media to thank his friend Dana White, the president of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), for not accepting Hulu's financial offer to promote the production about his life. The Hulu movie has come as a bit of a surprise. For years, there have been talks that Jamie Foxx would star in a film about Mike Tyson's life that Antoine Fuqua would direct. Supposedly that project is still in the works. However, actor Trevante Rhodes will star as Tyson in the Hulu series that premieres on August 25th. Considering Tyson's complex life as a fighter, he's told his life story in different capacities. Still, he's long awaited the perfect platform to present his story as a movie from his perspective. Good luck to Mike with the completion of that project!

Photo Credit: Mike Tyson



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