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  • Kamilah Stevens

Michael Jordan's Jersey from the 1998 Playoffs Sold for $10 Million at an Auction!

Michael Jordan's jersey from the 1998 NBA finals reportedly sold for $10 Million at a recent auction!

The wealthy buyer who purchased this gem was likely a huge Jordan fan. '98 was the last title that Jordan won with the Bulls franchise. The basketball star is widely considered "the greatest player of all time." During his career, he retired from basketball and played professional baseball for a year. He then returned to the Bulls to play again until his second retirement in 1999.

He then returned to the NBA again in 2001 as a player for the Washington Wizards. He allegedly donated his salary from that year's contract. The superstar athlete ended his NBA career for the final time in 2003.

His games had some of the highest Nielsen ratings for television. His memorabilia often sell for significant amounts; a ticket stub from Jordan's first professional game from 1984 sold for over $200K at an auction.

According to Forbes, Michael Jordan's brand has increased his net worth to $1.7 billion.

Photo Credit: NBA and Getty


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