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Man Who Knowingly Gave HIV to Multiple Women Is Held on $500K Bond

A 30-year-old Oklahoma City man, Earnest Lacour, is reportedly held on a $500K bond for knowingly spreading HIV to multiple women.

One of his victims, who wishes to remain unidentified, spoke to law enforcement after becoming ill and discovering that she had contracted HIV. Although Earnest initially denied infecting her with the deadly virus, the authorities obtained his medical documents that proved Lacour has been HIV positive since 2019.

One of his victims has taken to social media to warn others about protecting themselves during sexual contact. Thankfully, there have been several advancements in drug therapy for HIV. Supposedly, some anti-virals, such as the PrEp medication, can prevent the virus from being passed if taken within a specific time frame.

Photo Credit: KTUL News



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