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Man Arrested at a HBCU Campus for Making Threats Had 1,000 Rounds of Ammunition In His Vehicle

Guilford County Sheriff's Office

Brandon Bentley, 27, was arrested for making threats and chasing campus security at North Carolina A&T University's campus, which is a predominantly Black university. According to The Hill, authorities discovered 1,000 rounds of ammunition, two handguns, two shotguns, a rifle, a crossbow, a machete, hatchets, a stun gun, brass knuckles, and a blow dart gun in his vehicle upon his arrest.

Bentley is charged with a series of offenses, including carrying a firearm on educational property, having an explosive device on educational property, having a weapon on educational property, and having a concealed weapon, according to The Hill. There are no details about what motivated the gunman to select this campus. There is limited information about his criminal background, but he's in custody on a $100,000 bond.

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