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Louisiana Woman Must Travel Out of State To Abort a Fetus With a Fatal Condition & No Skull

A Louisiana woman, Nancy Davis, was told by doctors that the fetus she's carrying has a fatal condition and will not develop a skull. She was also advised that the baby would likely only survive minutes outside of her womb upon delivery. Yet, since the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade, Davis cannot get an abortion, even for medical purposes in the state.

Nancy is working with her attorney, Ben Crump, who is assisting her with speaking out on this matter. After receiving monetary donations, she can travel out of state to have the procedure done. Attorney Crump is looking to meet with Louisiana lawmakers regarding this matter.

Trying to arrange out-of-state travel and secure a legally authorized doctor to complete the procedure has added excessive mental and emotional stress to an already stressful situation for Davis. Crump calls this situation "a public health catastrophe." Many pro-choice activists define the refusal to allow abortion for medical purposes as cruel and unusual punishment.

Photo Credit: CNN


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