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Lil Tay's Family Confirms She's Alive: Death Announcement Was Made After Instagram Was Hacked

Lil Tay/Instagram

Lil Tay and her brother are reportedly still alive. According to ABC News, "TMZ also reported on Thursday afternoon that the teen's family provided a statement from Lil Tay to the outlet where she claimed that her Instagram account "was compromised by a 3rd party and used to spread jarring misinformation and rumors regarding me."

The announcement of her death is removed from her social media account. ABC also confirmed they could not reach Lil Tay, her mother, or her brother for comment. However, according to ABC, the young influencer's father, Chris Hope, declined to comment when news broke that Lil Tay and her brother passed away.

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1 comment

1 Comment

Unknown member
Aug 11, 2023

They bugging. The ' hackers' made a whole death statement and spoke on her brother death.

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