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Lil Meech from 'BMF' Show Was Arrested For Not Returning a Luxury Watch to Haimov Jewelers in Miami

Demetrius Flenory Jr., better known as Lil Meech from the Starz television series BMF was allegedly arrested for stealing a $275,000.00 Richard Mille watch. Haimov Jewelers in Miami apparently gave him the watch on consignment. Supposedly Lil Meech traded in the piece with another jeweler before paying the balance in full. Their company issued the following statement via Instagram:

"Haimov Jewelers is a family business. You cannot trade a watch that wasn't paid for to another jeweler. And take the next jeweler's watch and not pay them as well. We all work hard for our money and do clean business. We reached out many, many times but you ignore [us]. If someone owed you $200K would you let that slide? We put our blood, sweat, and tears into making this business successful. We came from the [bottom]."

We hope this is a one-time mistake that Lil Meech can get corrected quickly.

Photo Credit Instagram/@lilmeechbmf


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