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Joseline Hernandez Arrested for Assaulting Big Lex at the Mayweather Fight, Leaving Her Topless

Joseline Hernandez. Photo/

Love & Hip Hop reality star Joseline Hernandez assaulted television personality Big Lex during the recent Mayweather-Gotti III fight in Florida. A fight attendee filmed Joseline choking Big Lex and causing her shirt to come off, which exposed her breasts. The film also shows the L&HH star hitting multiple people during her violent tirade backstage at the fight.

The cause of the confrontation between the two stars is unclear. Joseline is known for her volatile temper. She had physical altercations with multiple Love and Hip Hip Hop cast members. She also fought entertainer Amber Rose on College Hill: Celebrity Edition. Following the brawl in Florida, Hernandez was arrested for multiple offenses, including battery and resisting arrest.

Violence also erupted between Mayweather and Gotti III's camps following their exhibition. It sounds like an eventful evening!

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