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Kobe Bryant's Widow Vanessa Bryant Designed Nike's Upcoming Shoe in Honor of Kobe's August Birthday

Vanessa Bryant/Instagram

Nike is releasing a new Kobe Bryant sneaker, the Kobe 8 Protro Halo, on August 23rd, the late basketball star's birthday. This sneaker was specially designed by his widow, Vanessa Bryant. Kobe would have been 45 years old this year. According to PEOPLE, Nike just renewed its contract with the late athlete's estate. Nike will relaunch Kobe products and begin selling merchandise for Kobe and Vanessa's late daughter, Gianna "Gigi" Bryant, who also perished in the 2020 plane crash that killed Kobe.

Vanessa has been highly active with the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation created for Kobe and Gigi. In 2023 the foundation partnered with BodyArmor to dedicate a basketball court in Compton, California at Wilson Park, in memory of the former Los Angeles Laker and his daughter. The park has several murals of the father and daughter and most of the murals are colored with purple for the Lakers. Vanessa does well with keeping Kobe and Gigi's memory alive!

Vanessa Stands in front of Kobe & Gianna's basketball court at the dedication on the basketball court. Photo/BodyArmor

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