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Killer Mike Arrested at Grammy Awards After Winning Three Awards

Killer Mike/Photo/Instagram

According to Rolling Stone, the Atlanta rapper and social activist Killer Mike, who is legally named Mike Render, was detained at the 66th Grammy Awards at Arena in Los Angeles Sunday afternoon, shortly after winning three of the four rap categories. His album, "Michael," won best rap album, and "Scientists & Engineers," a song from the album, took the awards for best rap song and best rap performance.

An LAPD source tells Rolling Stone that Render was cuffed and detained after an alleged "physical altercation" inside the arena involving a third party. "Somebody complains, obviously we have to do something about it," the source said. Render was questioned, the source said, adding that any possible arrest depends on the result of the investigation and whether the third party wants to press charges. Yet, Entertainment Weekly stated, "News of an alleged altercation conflicts with what reporter Chris Gardner, who captured the footage of Killer Mike's detention, said he was told at the scene. "Just spoke to an official who tells me it's a misdemeanor and has nothing to do with anything that happened today here inside the arena," Gardner posted on X (formerly Twitter). "It's a big nothing," source says."

According to Entertainment Weekly, "The police department posted on social media on Sunday night that a man, whom they later identified as Killer Mike, was arrested for an alleged "physical altercation" at the site of the awards show." EW also stated, "Killer Mike has been released from police custody after being detained by police following his wins at the 2024 Grammy Awards on Sunday, and new details are emerging about why he was arrested."

During an interview with Big Tigger, the Atlanta rapper briefly commented on his arrest, "We hit a speed bump and then we head back to the party, man," the rapper told the hosts of the Atlanta-based Big Tigger Morning Show, saying that he had just left his final party in Los Angeles following the awards show, according to the New York Times

Nevertheless, the southern rap star was incredibly excited about his win; on stage, he said, Atlanta, it's a sweep! You cannot tell me that you get too old, you can't tell me it's too late, you can't tell me—dreams come true! It is a sweep..." 

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