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Kendrick Lamar's "They Not Like Us" Brought on the Attack of Rick Ross at Vancouver's Ignite Music Festival

Rick Ross. Photo/Instagram

Rick Ross and his entourage were reportedly attacked in Vancouver, Canada, after his team played Kendrick Lamar's "They Not Like Us" at the Ignite Music Festival on Sunday. Ross' team reportedly ended his set with the viral diss track directed at the Canadian rapper Drake. Although Drake is from Toronto, Canadians took great offense to the song being played in Canadian territory.

Several videos of the brawl have surfaced online. One video shows the first blow landing on the rapper's face after an argument between his entourage and others. During the melee, people can be heard making remarks about the Florida-based rapper playing the song in their city. The fight reportedly lasted for several minutes.

The Hustlin' rapper has yet to respond to the situation. He posted a photo to social media with the caption, "Vancouver, it was fun, till next time." His appearance at the music festival comes weeks after Kendrick Lamar's [sold-out] 'Pop Out' concert in Los Angeles, where Kendrick performed the diss track five times for his ecstatic fans.

"NLU" is now considered one of hip-hop's most celebrated diss tracks. According to Music Business Worldwide, as of May 2024, "Not Like Us" had been streamed 121.54 million times on Spotify alone.

The pomp associated with "NLU" has become somewhat of an unofficial theme song in multiple cultures and industries.  

Luckily, no serious injuries were reported on Sunday night.

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