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Kelis Spoke Out About Beyonce Sampling Her Song: Beyonce Then Dropped The Track From Her New Album

In an Instagram video, Kelis shared her negative feelings about Beyonce's use of her music on her new album Renaissance. Kelis took issue that Beyonce nor her former music producer, Pharrell Williams, gave her the professional courtesy of letting her know that one of her most famous songs, "Milkshake," would be sampled on Bey's new album. The singer said she learned the news via social media.

Kelis and Pharrell have a complicated past and huge differences regarding music that they created together in the past. Therefore, the "Milkshake" singer feels the situation is a personal jab from Pharrell.

But, following all the drama, Beyonce, in turn, omitted the song "Energy," which sampled "Milkshake," from her tracklist. Case closed!

Photo Credits: Beyonce & Kelis via Instagram


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