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Jewell Had Six Months to Live & Needed a Lung Transplant: She Put Out New Music Before She Died

R&B singer Jewell Caples was 53 at the time of her recent death. During an interview with The Art of Dialogue, she revealed that she needed a lung transplant and was given six months to live by her doctor. While tearfully saying she trusted the platform to release the interview when she died, Jewell also shared that some of her family was unaware of her health crisis.

She was one of the most talented female vocalists during the 90s, but she didn't truly get her flowers. Death Row Records was hot during her time there and turned out hit after hit for some of hip-hop's biggest names (with her assistance), such as Tupac and Snoop Dogg; yet her album was never released, and she was never paid what she was worth.

So, the songstress said she was pushing to release new music before she passed on, so her grandchildren could be proud of her one day. She wished to leave behind some positive music, in addition to some of the racy projects she was known for.

Caples, a Chicago native, said she developed her incredible voice from singing in her church choir. Although known as the First Lady of Death Row Records, she worked with various artists as a singer and songwriter.

She recently announced that she started a podcast, The Jewell Experience, and was rebranding herself on social media.

May you rest in peace, Jewell.

Photo Credit: Instagram

(See her interview with The Art of Dialogue below)


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