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Iowa Teens Who Killed Spanish Teacher Nohema Graber Must Be Tried As Adults Per Judge's Decision

Jeremy Goodale and Willard Miller will be tried as adults for murdering their high school Spanish teacher, Nohema Graber, with a baseball bat last November in Fairfield, Iowa. Both were 16 years old during the crime. Their legal teams requested that they be tried in juvenile court, but Judge Shawn Showers denied those requests. Judge Showers will try them in separate trials tentatively in August and November.

The motives for the crime are unknown. However, the students learned Nohema's schedule and routine and attacked her as she walked on her daily route after school. Allegedly, Goodale and Miller beat her to death with a bat in the woods, then hid her body under a tarp at a local park. After her family reported her missing, her remains were found the next day.

(Nohema Graber pictured above)

Reportedly, Jeremy shared many details of the crime via Snapchat, which his friend turned over to the police. There's also video footage showing Nohema leaving Fairfield High School for the day, and then someone driving her vehicle away from the park after the time authorities believe she was killed.

Graber was a mother of three, originally from Mexico. She worked as a Spanish teacher for another Iowa district before teaching for Fairfield High School for nearly ten years. She was highly involved in Fairfield's Latin community and her church. Her death is a tremendous loss for her family and community.

Willard Miller (L) and Jeremy Goodale (R) Photo Credit-

Photo Credits: and Facebook/Nohema Graber



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