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Houston Woman Beaten With Brick by Man After Telling Him He Could Not Have Her Phone Number

A Houston woman with an Instagram account (rho_reports) was beaten with a brick by a man after she refused to give him her number. She tearfully shared her story via social media while in the emergency room with an extremely swollen face. "Literally, a man asked me for my number, and I said no! And he picked up a brick in front of so many men and was like, what you going to do?.... And he hits me in my face, and they all just watched." (To view her statement, click the link).

Many people have been weighing in on this situation on social media. Houston native Willie D from the rap group Geto Boys expressed his zero tolerance for violence against women and scathed the men who watched the incident in his podcast video. He stated, "I want the same for my daughter, my sisters when they're moving around in society, my aunts and cousins...That I would want for the next person...I want to feel that they're relatively safe when they go out into the public."

There are limited details about where the situation occurred in Houston or if the police have arrested a suspect. We're thankful that the victim didn't receive more serious injuries.

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1 comment

1 Comment

Unknown member
Sep 04, 2023

Thank you for your recent story about the ridiculous assault on the woman hit in the face by the cowardly man who wanted her phone number. It was not only important but also necessary. More and more reports are being made revealing increasing numbers of assaults and murders of innocent women and children.

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