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Houston Mother Discovered Her Six-Year-Old Was Repeatedly Molested By An Older Student on School Bus

A Houston mother, Latoya Monroe, is furious after discovering that her six-year-old son was sexually assaulted for months by an older student while riding the school bus. Latoya said she learned about the assaults after the school reviewed the bus camera to look for his backpack, and the footage showed the sexual assaults instead.

Latoya feels that no one is being held accountable and made the following comments to the press in Houston: "I'm angry. I have no words. I would receive a call five hours later, asking me if I could come to the school and pick up my son, and there was an Aldine ISD officer that needed to speak to me," she recalled. I get to the school and find out that my son was sexually assaulted. Days of questioning, days of talking to my child. The details became more and more graphic each and every time."

Activist Quannell X accompanied Latoya during the press conference and made the following statements "According to the investigator, the bus driver stopped the bus because she thought they were fighting on the back of the bus. But this mother's child was fighting because he was being raped." The child's mother reportedly expressed concerns with the Aldine School District about her child being on the bus with older children and inconsistencies with bus routes and drivers prior to learning about the assault.

A doctor's report confirmed the child’s injuries are consistent with sexual assault injuries. The assailant is a minor; therefore, no information can be released about his identity or the charges he will face.

Photo Credits: ABC 7 Chicago



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