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High School Student Shot & Killed at Lamar High School in Arlington, Texas

Family Photo

Sixteen-year-old Jashawn Poirier was shot and killed at Lamar High School on Monday in Arlington, Texas. The alleged suspect is a 15-year-old and has been arrested on capital murder charges. The shooting happened Monday morning before school started. Another student was grazed by a bullet during the gunfire. The teenager's mother, Roshone Jacob, told WFAA News, "I'm in disbelief still. It's just overwhelming. Got that phone call and just screamed, broke down and cried. I called my boss and told her I had to go."

Roshone recently relocated her family to Texas from Michigan. She explained, "My son didn't deserve this. He was a nice, sweet, and kind boy who just liked to play sports and hang out with his family. He didn't bother nobody. Nobody was after him, it was just a boy that just came out and started shooting, and Jashawn was the one who got hit and died."

At this time, authorities cannot determine a motive for the shooting. Jashawn's family said they received a call from the school about the shooting, nearly ten minutes after they dropped him off Monday morning. He would have celebrated his seventeenth birthday next month. Jashawn's family has created a GoFundMe account to help with upcoming funeral expenses.

Stay tuned for further updates regarding this story.



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