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Grandson of Ralph Yarl's Shooter Told 'CNN' "He Was Into Weird, Random, and Racist Things"

Klint Ludwig and Andrew Lester (R). Photo/CNN and Clay County Sheriff's Office

Klint Ludwig, the grandson of the 84-year-old homeowner, Andrew Lester, who shot 16-year-old Ralph Yarl for coming onto his porch, conducted an exclusive interview with Don Lemon for CNN regarding the situation.

Klint supports the injured teen, who was shot above the eye and in his body after allegedly ringing his grandfather's doorbell. Klint stated to CNN, "I was disgusted. I thought it was terrible. We – myself and my family – stand with Ralph Yarl in seeking justice." When CNN asked Klint why he decided to speak against his grandfather, he replied, "It's the right thing to do." "Too often in the US, people get away with killing unarmed, innocent Black people." When Don Lemon asked the grandson if he believed race played a factor in this case and if he believes his grandfather is racist, he said, "I believe he held – holds – racist tendencies and beliefs." Ludwig essentially said that because his grandfather is an old Christian white male, he has a racist belief system: "That's just how they are. He was into weird, random, and racist things." "It doesn't make sense; they're just scared."

Ludwig explained that he distanced himself from Lester due to his ideologies and fell out of contact with him. The 84-year-old is charged with first-degree and armed criminal action. He is due in court on June 1st. To watch the full interview, visit To get the latest news and updates, subscribe to



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