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Former Texas Law Official Filmed Saying Racial Slurs is Reportedly In Interracial Relationship

David Tupper. Screenshot/TikTok

A former law enforcement official and security guard, David Tupper, was caught on video in a store in the Houston area, calling Denishia Lewis, a driver he had a road rage incident with racial slurs after punching her car mirror on the highway, as she drove with her son.

Fox 26 obtained the following information from Denishia regarding the incident: "When the light turned green, he didn't go; "I literally tapped the horn like this (honk), (Lewis demonstrates with a honk that's barely audible.) Lewis says she thought she was giving a courtesy toot, but she says he continued to sit there on his motorcycle. When the left lane cleared, she says she went around him. I hear acceleration from the bike and the next thing you know he accelerates from the right lane and punches my right mirror," says Lewis. According to her, he hit the mirror so hard it cracked the plastic casing.

After the incident, Lewis said she followed Tupper into the gas station to confront him and request insurance information, and things went left, so she started recording him. On the recording, he said, "Yes, she is a stupid N-word, go fix your car and stop honking at people when you don't need to." Infuriated from the disrespect she experienced while her 13-year-old son was with her, she explained to the news station that "He called me a coon, a monkey, a (n-word). I'm not a coon. I'm not a monkey, and I'm not an n-word. I'm Black, and I'm American, and I'm human just like he is." She explained to Fox, "It's very emotional for me. He made me feel like I was literally in the slavery days. When I walked out of the store, he started following me, "Come here you n-word, b-word, he was saying and when I turned around, he spit on me," Lewis says. After he spit on her, she says she walked away and reported the incident to the police.

David Tupper. Photo/Instagram @dbtupper

Verintegra Security, a former security company that Tupper worked for, saw the video online and gave the following statement about his behavior on LinkedIn; "Recently, a video was published containing reprehensible conduct by a security officer following a road rage incident. This officer, David Tupper, was found to have photos on his Instagram wearing our uniform. Mr. Tupper only ever worked for us in a temporary capacity, and we have had no contact with him since early August, when we decided to part ways. This is clearly behavior that no person should support or tolerate, whether on the job or off it, in or out of uniform. We should strive to keep our interactions with others respectful, and as a company, we maintain strict policies of de-escalation, whether in a verbal or physical altercation. We feel for anyone who may have been negatively impacted by this man's behavior, and it is absolutely not representative of our company's ideals."

The former officer is reportedly in an interracial marriage. He allegedly has not been arrested for the situation. Fox confirms that they contacted Tupper for comment, but have not received a response. The Stafford, Texas police department is investigating the matter. To view the video with Fox 26, watch the video below (viewer discretion is advised).

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